Every small business owner knows they need a website, but most business owners are not effectively marketing their business online. Alternatively, if they are marketing their business online, they have yet to generate a steady stream of new leads. Even if your page rank is high, it is time to put the power of the Internet to work for you.


List Your Business On Google Maps

If you have a brick and mortar business that primarily serves your surrounding area—then you must take the time to list your business on Google Maps. The process is easier than you might imagine, and is 100% free! The end result is a pinpoint of your business, each and every time nearby prospects search your local area for the types of products and services you have to offer—or simply look to see what businesses are nearby. Simply head over to Google.com/local/add, and get started. Need help to further establish your business as a worthy contender or need help listing on Google?


Optimize Content With Hyper-Targeted Keywords

Keywords are an effective, yet often misunderstood aspect of search engine optimization. In most cases, the keywords you should be using—are not as obvious as you might imagine. For example, if you operate a nursery—you might think that “fresh flowers” would be the ideal keyword. While this keyword is certainly related, it is more related to a florist. However, you could look for more targeted keywords and keyword questions that use combinations of target words such as: annuals, perennials, flower garden, landscaping design, etc.

The best way to identify keywords is to think of the questions and words your target audience will type into Google when searching for your services, and perform a bit of research as to what they will find.


Don’t Have A Website Yet? What Are You Waiting For?

If you have a small local business, you might incorrectly think that you don’t really need a website—especially if you are already established. However, as Gen X and Millennials become a larger part of your consumer-base, you need to be easy to find online. Why it is possible to market your business online without a website, this leaves your prospects at a bit of a dead end, because they have nowhere else to go to learn about your business electronically.

The Internet can be a powerful means of generating targeted local and nationwide leads—you just need to know how to use it to its full potential. At Snellville Websites, we can work with you to design your modern new website, and create a dynamic online marketing plan.

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