Hyperlocal social media marketing—it’s a mouthful! However, it could be just what your small business needs to take things to the next level. Hyperlocal social media marketing is a method of capitalizing on trending topics that could positively impact your business. It is relevant for local Snellville and other gwinnett county businesses, as well as global businesses. The concept is simple; you just need to know how to make this online marketing strategy work for you.


What Is Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing?

Hyperlocal social media marketing is a method of real-time, targeted and relevant marketing. This goes beyond your general targeted posts and hashtags, to finding ways to capitalize on local and current trends. For example, if your local area just got pounded by a major snowstorm—now is the perfect time to invest in paid social marketing, letting customers know you are available for snow plowing. Maybe even offer a discount. At the very least, increase the frequency of your posts—and infuse them with the trending hashtags.


Tips For Generating Hyperlocal Social Media Marketing Campaigns

The example above gives you one idea for capitalizing on a one-off spike in business, but you can easily use hyperlocal social media marketing to create a steady stream of new business. The tips below will help:


Pay attention to your followers trends—pay attention to any trending Tweets in your network of followers, or to any common themes you see your customers tweeting about. Even if they are not industry related, join in on the conversation to attract more general interest.

Use media to your advantage—pay attention to the front page of both local and nationwide newspapers and magazines, as well as trending stories on the radio and news. While you may want to avoid controversial topics, you are sure to find many mainstream topics to link your business to.

Target your paid ads to your local service area—if you are going to invest in paid social media advertising, make it count by targeting your local service area. This goes beyond targeting your city and state, but also to trending local catchphrases—such as your area’s nickname, sports teams or other phrases only locals would understand.

Personalize and engage—unlike traditional advertising, social media advertising must be designed to connect and engage. In order to achieve this, you want your posts and ads to be conversational and valuable, as well as personalized to your audience. For example, answer your most frequently asked questions, or provide tips that are meaningful to your audience.

As you can see, hyperlocal social media marketing is far more detailed than meets the eye. We understand you are busy running your day-to-day operation, and you might not have time to commit to your social media campaigns—not to worry, as Snellville Websites is happy to do it for you!

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