We live in a DIY day and age, where you can perform a quick online search to learn just about anything. While you can teach yourself quite a bit of useful DIY information, it must never be at the sacrifice of quality. An excellent example where quality is sometimes lost is when speaking of free DIY website builders. While they make it possible for you to build a website yourself, here is what they fail to mention.

What You See Is What You Get 
You want your website to be unique, right? And you probably have a vision in mind of what features, page layout, or tools your website will offer. However, a free DIY website only offers you a selection of templates. These may provide minimal customizations, like changing the colors, images, and font, but there isn’t much you can do to change the layout. Even if you know how to code, most don’t allow for HTML or coding of any kind.

The Website Isn’t Really Yours 
While you might pay for a domain name and a monthly fee for hosting, the site is not yours. It is owned by Square, or Wix, or Weebly. If they have hosting problems, seriously change their product offerings, or go out of business, your website goes with them.

They Are A Challenge To Market 
The fact is, websites must be marketed. Your free DIY website will have little to no SEO built-in to the design. Often, you can add a blog, but not a blog where posts can be individually linked. Unlike a traditionally designed website, you cannot optimize photos, images, graphics, and videos.

Last but not least, the “free” part of your website is never free. There are always hidden upsells and steep fees if you need help with your website.

Don’t Fall For The DIY Website

As a business owner, some things are worth the investment—and your website is one. If you are looking for a cost-effective, high-quality website, reach out to Snellville Websites to discuss a custom design.




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