The world around us is full of color; whether we realize it or not, some of our first impressions of objects and scenery are based on the colors that we see.  This certainly rings true in the digital and physical marketing scenes.  For example, very few restaurants will use the color blue in their logo, product packaging, or dining facilities; this is because blue tends to decrease our appetite! Now, obviously, your target audience will differ from that of a restaurant, but the website colors you use still have a major impact on how your customer interacts with your page.

Choosing Colors for Your Website Design

First and foremost, it can be helpful to first identify your brand’s purpose and ideal client.  This strategy is best executed by creating a unique selling proposition (USP) that summarizes your small business goals and targets.  Once you have your USP defined, you can start to brainstorm which colors and shapes might best describe your brand.  Don’t be afraid to use a little bit of psychology when you start working with a website designer; the team here at Snellville Websites is well-versed in color palettes and can help you pick a design that works for you.

Website Colors Matter for Your Small Business

According to an array of marketing studies, the psychology of color is a huge component of small business marketing.  If you want to target impulse buyers, use colors like navy blue, black, and orange.  However, if you want to attract customers who have meticulously thought about and considered their purchases, opt for colors that entice a specific feeling.  When you’re first designing your website, it may help to pick colors that other brands in your industry are using.  However, there is also something to be said for standing out in the crowd.

Stick With a Website Design Color Scheme

Regardless of what you choose for your website’s color scheme, stick to it!  All graphics, text, and links should make sense within the color scheme for your small business website.  If you need to, apply filters to images before you post them; this is an easy way to make sure your color scheme isn’t widened too much.  If you deviate too far from your decided colors, your website will start to look piecemeal and unprofessional.

Snellville Websites: Quality Website Design
We keep color in mind when we design your website.  If you already have a logo that doesn’t quite fit the “feeling” of your brand, we can help you get one that works.  After all, we want the end result (your finished website) to appeal perfectly to your target audience and drive them to interact with your content how you intend them to – purchasing goods or services, commenting on articles, or simply sharing your content on social media.

Are you ready to build your brand new, color-optimized website?  Contact Snellville Websites today for a free, no-obligation consultation!

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