Everything in the digital world continues to evolve, elevating the features and functionality for both the user and the provider. One of the dated tools it’s time for small businesses to upgrade is website contact forms. Once a convenient tool that routes communication directly to your inbox, the vCita website widget takes communication to the next level.

Contact Forms Aren’t Effective On Digital Devices
Contact forms have been used on websites since the beginning of website design, which is now over 20 years ago. In that time, they haven’t changed all that much—but that’s not the only problem. With mobile website browsing having surpassed desktop website browsing contact forms aren’t as convenient to use on mobile devices. While they are responsive and will size-down to fit any mobile screen, mobile web users are on-the-go and searching for a streamlined method of communication. vCita is that solution!

The vCita Difference
The defining difference with the vCita widget is that it is a conversational widget that ensures contact options are seamlessly built-into the web browsing process. It’s a fully-customizable and actionable tool that allows you to do everything from booking appointments to sharing documents, and scheduling consultations. These contact options automatically populate at the appropriate time so that your website visitors don’t have to navigate to the previous catch-all ‘Contact Us’ form.

So Much More Than A Contact Form
While a streamlined contact experience may be your initial goal, vCita is so much more. For starters, an individual client card is created for every client who engages with the contact widget. This helps you to organize your contacts and keep the lines of communication open after their initial outreach. In addition, you can utilize vCita to create a custom client portal, to process online orders, for all of your online scheduling, to create and automate your email marketing, to capture leads, and more.

vCita helps small business owners increase productivity, streamline operations, and create multiple operational efficiencies. It’s a tool we use here at Snellville Websites and one we suggest to all of our clients to take their digital workflow to the next level!

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