To protect your brand and enhance your online presence, we occasionally register domains on behalf of our clients. This ensures that you don’t lose these valuable assets to competitors. However, we believe that your brand should remain in your hands.

Why It’s Important to Own Your Domain:
Owning your domain is crucial—it allows you to maintain complete control over your online identity and activities. Remember, the entity that controls the domain can manage its associated website and email services.

Steps to Transfer and Manage Your Domain:

  1. Create a GoDaddy Account: Sign up at GoDaddy for a free account. This initial step puts you on the path to owning and controlling your domain directly.
  2. Share Your Access Credentials: Provide us with your GoDaddy username and password temporarily so we can transfer the domain to your account.
  3. Confirm Ownership Transfer: You will receive an email from us confirming the transfer of your domain. At this point, we will also request delegate access. This allows us to assist in managing your domain and ensuring that your website’s technical setup is optimal.
  4. Login and Manage Your Domain: Once logged in to your GoDaddy account, locate your domain under ‘Products’ or ‘Services’. Enter your payment details to prevent expiration and set up automatic renewal to ensure continuous ownership.

Once these steps are completed, you have full control over your domain. We’re here to assist with any additional setup or management tasks you might need.


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