Your Business Guide to Keeping the Business Afloat

While the state of businesses might be uncertain during stay-at-home mandates, you can rest assured that you are doing everything you can to keep your business open and receptive to the customers you need. Luckily, the novel Coronavirus has stricken during a time of unparalleled technological advancements – a time where the majority of us can work remotely, all while pulling in the sales we need to stay afloat.

Businesses this year are being forced to innovate and become more flexible than ever. Our number one suggestion to you, as a forward-thinking business leader, is to stay on your toes and embrace whatever solutions present themselves as viable. Trial and test run different options to see what works best for your specific business niche; you never know what will work unless you give it a shot.

Don’t Appear Blindfolded

One of the worst things you can do during this unprecedented time is to pretend like things aren’t any different. Attitudes are shifting about public gatherings (and being close to others in general). Business owners have no control over this shift in thinking, so it’s important to keep everyone included: employees, customers, and potential clients.

Address the current situation; call it out, but stay positive. Explain to your clients and employees how you are going to evolve and adapt. Companies that are still in the black at the end of the year will be those that faced this problem head-on with perseverance and acceptance.

Take it Online

As we’re all keenly aware, non-essential personnel are being asked to stay home anyway. It’s safer to stay unexposed as this storm passes; while this is a hard decision to make for your business, you do need to consider the wellbeing of those in your office space. Working from home allows everyone in your business control over their exposure to the virus.

Get Creative

If your business relies heavily on interpersonal interactions, consider tri-weekly conference video calls with your employees. Set up teams to work together on projects so that everyone stays accountable. It’s far too easy to hide behind your computer at home where others can’t monitor you; use whatever tools you need to keep your business operating at capacity.

If, on the other hand, your business is heavily reliant on customer and employee interaction (such as a music store, tutor service, and other services like consultation), take your business online. Secure a site online where you can upload how-to videos, schedule one-on-one video calls with clients, and arrange packages to be sent in for repairs. Whatever your hurdle, there’s likely a solution – it just requires a little bit of innovation to uncover it.

Refresh Your Website

During this time of quarantine and quiet, your website (and any advertisements) is going to be your main connection with customers. Audit your site for user-friendliness, and get a designer involved even if you think your website is good to go. Send out more emails than usual, and consider promotions that you wouldn’t usually use at the beginning of the year. Innovate, think critically, and consider business strategies from every angle; this forward mindset is what’s going to carry us all through into 2021 without gaining more gray hairs than necessary!

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