Google Ads Initial Setup – Onetime Cost
Price: $145

Our Google Ads Initial Setup Package is designed to launch your advertising campaign with precision and effectiveness. Here’s what’s included:

3-Hour Comprehensive Setup ($105):

  • Customization: We tailor your Google Ads campaign to your specific goals and audience, ensuring a strong start.
  • Optimization: Our team sets up, optimizes, and re-optimizes your campaign to maximize your ad spend effectiveness.
  • Keyword Selection: We identify the right keywords to target your desired customers.
  • Configuration: All necessary settings are carefully configured to align with your business objectives.

Ad Research and Creation ($40):

  • Professional Writing: We research and write 6 compelling ads and several headings specifically for your campaign.
  • Targeted Messaging: Your ads are crafted to resonate with your target audience and encourage them to take action.

Total Benefit: This comprehensive initial investment of $145 provides a robust launch for your Google Ads campaign. From audience analysis and keyword selection to ad design and configurations, we handle every detail to ensure your advertising budget is put to the most effective use. Your professionally crafted ads are designed to attract and engage your target customers right from the beginning.

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Google Ads Monthly Monitoring Packages


Our subscription packages cater to various needs and budgets. Whether you seek biweekly monitoring for a more dynamic approach, weekly oversight for balance and protection of the google budget, we have an option to match your requirements.

Google Ads Weekly Monitoring – Monthly Subscription
Price: $140 per month

Perfect for clients seeking consistent weekly oversight, this package includes:

  • Weekly 1-Hour Monitoring: Monitoring and managing your account every week, totaling 4 sessions per month.
  • Performance Analysis: Weekly adjustments to keep your campaign aligned with trends and goals.
  • Budget Management: Regularly ensuring effective use of your advertising budget.

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Google Ads Bi-Weekly Monitoring – Monthly Subscription
Price: $70 per month

Designed for clients who prefer monitoring every other week, this package includes:

  • Bi-weekly 1-Hour Monitoring: Monitoring and managing your account twice a month.
  • Performance Overview: Identifying trends and making adjustments as needed bi-weekly.
  • Budget Oversight: Ensuring your budget is used effectively for positive ROI.

Note: This package provides less frequent oversight, and clients should understand the potential impact on campaign responsiveness.

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Disclaimer: We highly recommend the Weekly Monitoring Package for optimal campaign management and responsiveness. The Bi-Weekly Monitoring Package is designed to accommodate varying budget needs; however, it’s essential to recognize that less frequent monitoring may result in a potentially less effective campaign. By choosing these options, clients agree to this understanding. These two packages represent our full range of offerings, each crafted to provide valuable support for your Google Ads campaign.

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