Are you ready to move forward with your website and transform it into an online store that works for you? Here at Snellville Websites, we offer e-Commerce tools and plugins that you can use to take your business to the next level. Our standardized process ensures that you will be up and running in minimal time so that you can get to what’s important: connecting with your customers and bringing in money.

We Use WooCommerce

You can learn more about this plugin on their website. For shipping your products, you will need the USPS WooCommerce Shipping Live Rates plugin for your website. This plugin allows customers to see the proper shipping rates for the order they would like to place. The USPS shipping plugin also allows you to calculate handling fees and insurance costs and add them to each customer’s order prior to purchase.

This plugin is $69.00 annually and must be paid on your end before we can set up your website’s store.

Let’s take a look at what else our team will need to help you get started:

1. Your Octolize USPS Shipping Live Rates Access Credentials

In order to integrate your Octolize Live Rates with your WooCommerce website plugin, we’ll need the credentials that you used to sign up with the plugin mentioned above.

2. Sign Up With USPS Web Access & Create an Account

We are going to need something called an “API” to connect all of the different components that will make your online store work. You can do this required step here: Web Tools API Portal. Click “Register Now” and fill out the USPS form. Then, send us any information you receive from this registration. The most important piece of information will be your USPS User ID (username), which will be a string of numbers and letters.

3. Let Us Know if You Want to Ship With Any Other Providers

You will need separate plugins and information for shipping with other methods like DHL, FedEx, and UPS. Depending on who you want to ship with, we will recommend other plugins for you to use.

4. Set Up an Online Payments System

Here at Snellville Websites, we highly recommend using PayPal Business for your online store. Its integrations are seamless and don’t require heavy plugins that might slow down your website. You can either convert a personal PayPal account into a Business account or create a brand new Business account. To learn more and sign up, visit PayPal’s Business website.

If you cannot or will not be using PayPal, please let us know which payment system you would prefer. We will investigate which plugins will work best with the setup you already have on your website.

5. Keep an Eye on Your Email

We may need additional information depending on your specific installation. We also may require that you authenticate access for different accounts. Keep an eye on your emails from USPS, WooCommerce, Octolize, and Snellville Websites during this entire process.

Thank you for choosing Snellville Websites for your business! We look forward to helping you set up e-Commerce on your website!

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