Whether you are a home based business owner, are launching a startup, or are an established business ready to move forward with a small business website—you may be wondering if you should create your own website, or hire a web designer? Below are just a few things to consider with this all too common question.

Quality Is Key

We have all visited websites that just don’t look good. Just as you quickly determine the professionalism of a Snellville, GA business within seconds after visiting their website, your website visitors will do the same.

Cookie-Cutter Is Not Sufficient

If you choose to create your own free website, you will be given a cookie-cutter template that is not likely to provide you with either the customized features you require—or the unique and professional small business website you desire.

Time Is Money

Even if you invest in a paid template for a DIY website, the time you invest in building your website is not likely to be worth the money that you save. In fact, unless you have a solid understanding of building a website, you are likely to spend more in money in terms of time when building your own website—than if you simply hire a website designer.
On top of the compelling reasons above to hire a website designer, a web designer will provide you with modern website ideas regarding everything from selling your products online, optimizing your website, mobile compatibility, and much more!

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