Want to improve your online reputation and boost your company’s search engine visibility?

Customer/Client reviews or testimonials can help you achieve this. Think word of mouth in real life and apply it to your online strategy. Most savvy online users will check a company’s reviews before making any decision. If you have positive, honest and authentic reviews, you are ahead of the game and are likely to gain business from a good fraction of your website visitors.

A common question I get from my website design clients is, what is the best way to have clients review your site and where should the reviews be posted?

Best way to get client reviews

Ask your clients for reviews and offer them an easy way to achieve this. I will have a follow up post which will cover the topic of how to ask your clients. Simplest way to make this happen is to email them and ask them to reply with their testimonial or to click a link which will take them to your review us page.

My Top 3 Client Review Websites

Get a few positive reviews on Google Places, Yelp and Facebook and you are ahead of the curve when it comes to company reputation and search engine visibility. Go for it and do better than a few. Ask ALL your clients to review your business. Be prepared to learn about any negative experiences that may come up and use them to refine your business practices and interactions with your clients.

There are several review sites but my top 3 are Google, Yelp and Facebook. These tend to show up on the first page when a client searches for your company or your services.

If your clients are happy with your services, you will reap the benefits of word of mouth advertising. If you are online, creating a platform that allows for people to share experiences will help your brand and will give you a leg up on your competition.

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Example of what people see when your reviews online are on point.

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