While it may sound too good to be true, small business owners who once steered clear of the Internet as a method of building their business—are seeing their number of walk-ins increase at a rapid rate due to their newly developed online presence. Below are just a few quick tips for increasing your walk-ins by leveraging the Internet.

Create An Online Hub

Most business owners utilize their small business website as their online hub. This means that just about everything else you participate in online directs back to your website. This includes social media, online and mobile advertising, and all other methods of online marketing.

Announce New Products And Promotions

Your website and blog can be used to announce everything from community events you are participating in, your company anniversary, and new products and promotions.

Connect And Engage

Even if you don’t invest a lot of time online, having a website allows your customers to connect and engage with you in the method that they find the most convenient. This could be as simple as visiting your website to find your address and hours of operation—to emailing you to inquire about your products or services.

If you own a mom and pop business owner in Snellville, GA, but have yet to cultivate an online presence, reach out to Snellville Websites today. We will talk you through the best website features for your business needs, and will help you to navigate a process that may feel intimidating—but is easier than you might imagine!

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