Not that long ago if you needed photos for your business you had to hire a photographer and pay handsomely for your photos. While you may still require a photographer for your product images, employee headshots, and event photography—most of your photos can be sourced online. Here are my two favorite spots to find quality photos for your digital and print needs.

Pixabay is a free stock image website that allows professional and amateur photographers from around the world to post royalty free photos. You can use most photographs, vector images, and backgrounds for personal and commercial use. I often message the photographer directly to thank them for the image and to show them the finished product. If they are a photographer they may add your finished product to their portfolio.

You can search for photos by keywords most of which have several pages of search results. With over 400,000 images and counting you can often find what you are looking for. However, there are times when it takes too long to find a keyword close enough to what you want—or you simply can’t find the keyword or image you desire. When this happens I head over to DepositPhotos.

DepositPhotos has over 75 million photographs, vector images, backgrounds, and videos. The site currently offers three budget-friendly subscription plans making it easy to fit into your small business budget—starting at just $9.00 per month for 10 photos and just $1 more per additional photo. If you only need photos for a project, like your website design—you can pay a flat-rate fee of $99 for 25 images. Just like with Pixabay, you can search by keywords—but the overall quality is elevated. You can also find a series of photos of the same image from multiple angles, which makes it easier to create a cohesive look and feel for your project.

Another thing that I love about DepositPhotos are the categories which help you narrow down your search before you type in a keyword. Last but not least, you can find an impressive selection of current photos—including fashion, celebrities, news and current events, and more.

While you can find any photo you want in Google Images using a photo you find online is almost always copyright infringement which can cost thousands of dollars in fines per photo—which simply isn’t worth the risk.

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