Reviews are an important asset to every business in the Metro Atlanta area: restaurants, heating and cooling repair, salons, and so many more. As consumers ourselves, we rely on customer-provided reviews to help us determine whether or not to try out a product or service. In our modern age, Google reviews are now our “word of mouth” recommendations; with a simple web engine query, we can see star ratings for any business that lists itself with Google.

As a small business owner yourself, you may be wondering how you can get more reviews to help increase your rapport with potential customers in and around Snellville. It is important to note that not only do five-star reviews help your standing with customers, but you also want to have high numbers of reviews. For example, would you be more apt to purchase an item off of Amazon that has one five-star review or several hundred reviews that average out to four and a half stars?

Learn How to Leave a Google Review

First and foremost, you should know how to leave a review before you ask others to do it. This way, if a customer is interested in leaving a review but doesn’t know how, you can guide them through it. Since it’s so important to have public-facing reviews that potential customers can see, there is value in being able to take the time to help people through this process.

Ask your Customers for Reviews

It’s important to request that clients review your service directly after a sale or interaction. It is best if the service is still fresh in the customer’s mind, as this will lead to more thorough, detailed reviews. Try not to feel awkward about asking clients to review your business; people deal with many different companies each week, and they’re all probably asking for feedback – your request is no different.

Make it Easy

One of the easiest ways to get clients to review your small business is by providing them with a direct link. Follow up on any interaction by sending a summary email. If you include a call to action to leave a review at the direct link provided, you’ll have Google reviews from Metro Atlanta customers in no time. In addition, remember that guiding a customer through how to review is never wasted time – their review might just be the one that resonates with your newest customer!

Follow-up on your Review Requests

If you notice that you are still not seeing the number of new reviews that you’d like, try adding more follow-up emails to your rotation. These emails should be sent no more than a week after the original purchase or date of service since clients are likely to forget important details by then. If you are sending regular emails on the same day of service, try sending a follow-up two days later, and don’t forget to include the direct link to your business’s Google Review page.

Above all, don’t feel guilty about requesting reviews from your customers. They are your ultimate resource, both financially and when it comes to rapport. Without positive google reviews, your Snellville, Metro Atlanta or Gwinnett County area Small or Midsize Business appears to either be a startup or behind in the technological times, neither of which are desirable. Without further adieu, get your business on Google Review and start asking around!

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