Work Smarter Instead of Harder

A growing, healthy business is always hunting for more customers to add to its client base. For some companies, social media is the best source for new customers and the most time-effective place to leverage advertising. Other business niches might find that engagement with the Metro Atlanta community is the best way to gain new clients. One thing is certain, however; advertising through only one channel is not a path to marketing success. If you want your business to grow, you’re going to have to dip your toes in a variety of marketing strategies, such as these.

Update Your Snellville Area Website

Especially with the rise of COVID-19, it’s more important than ever to have a website that is crisp, functional, and informative. Make use of search engine optimization strategies, and constantly be curating content for search engines to crawl. New content ensures that your webpage stays up-to-date and relevant for new audiences!

Small Business Social Media

If you haven’t been on your small business’s social media pages in a while, it’s overdue. Social media is an amazing tool in the advertising scene, and we would be fools to not take advantage of free visibility through hashtags. Depending on your target audience, select a social media platform that should be focused on; it’s great to cover all of your bases, but you should know where your time will be best spent.

Link Customer Reviews

Your current customers are, arguably, the best resource in getting new clients through the door. Scour the web for positive reviews and copy them onto your website; you can also promote them on social media or through an ad campaign. In addition to collecting positive reviews from review sites, you should also reply to negative reviews and complaints, attempting to resolve the customer’s issue when possible. By replying to negative reviews that most companies ignore, you help create a sense of genuine investment into your client base.

Ask for Referrals

Customer referrals are a great way to build your client base; people generally trust what others say about a business – this is why online reviews like those on <Google Review (link to the reviews article)> are so important. You can either create a “refer a friend” program or offer other incentives for those that refer new clients to you. Depending on the type of business you run, you could offer gift cards, freebies, upgrades, or even exclusive access to new products!


Perhaps the most tried-and-true ways to lure in new customers, promotions will benefit both you and your new clients. Try offering a “new customer” discount to new and returning old clients who are ready to try your services again. You can also run a promotion that encourages your current customers to bring a friend or a family member. Try to think of ways that your unique business can encourage more Gwinnet and Snellville area residents to try your products and services.

Returning Customers

If you still have a running email list with old clients on it, compose an email campaign with them in mind! Create a promotion to include an incentive for them to return to your business; regardless of the type of promotion you run, you’ll want to follow up with an advertising campaign in the Metro Atlanta and surrounding areas, otherwise, no one will hear about it!

Leverage What You Do Best

With the coronavirus still impacting how we all do business, it’s the perfect time to leverage our other unique skills to help the community. This isn’t to say that you need to spend all of your time making webinars for charitable purposes, but a freebie here and there can go a long way to both increasing your website’s content as well as contributing to a positive image for your brand. Consider making some blog posts or ebooks that address a need in the community your small business serves.

Above all, the most important thing is that you diversify your efforts to expand your customer base. This will ensure that a variety of different types of clients are being added to your repertoire – the hope is that these people will then tell their friends and family about their amazing experience at your Snellville area small business, and things will only get better from there! Get out there and start attracting new customers!

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