How to Get Everything Done and Still Have Time for Your Family

If your dream is to build a successful business empire in Atlanta, you may have heard that you must work until you drop.  It’s often assumed that this is the only path to entrepreneurial victory and success, striving night and day to achieve your dreams. Unfortunately, this usually means that the family, your health, and your emotional wellbeing get forgotten and pushed to the side. Sure, you might be building something substantial to pass onto your children, but, at what cost to your relationships and health?

Work Smarter Instead of Harder

Why Work Smarter?
Learning to view your valuable time from different perspectives will not only increase your productivity and performance but also increase your job satisfaction. When you realize the actual value of your time, you enhance your financial security and dedication to success. Here are a few of the benefits of becoming more purposeful with your time at work:

Working smarter and being time-conscious encourages you to combine and streamline tasks and processes; this can help you save on labor and product costs.

The ability to spend more time with your family and doing the things you love can cause you to have more positive feelings about your job.  In addition, you are more likely to appreciate your colleagues and yourself, due to an increase in motivation.
Working in rapid, efficient bursts allows you to finish your tasks with more energy and greater results. This will translate into more time with your family and greater reverence from your peers and employees. Bosses who value the important things in life are more likely to attract and properly cultivate hardworking, valuable employees.

How to be Smart About Your Work Time

  1. Don’t be busy; be productive. Focus on the tasks which require higher quality and your exact insight; focus only on the tasks that you must do.  Delegate out tasks that can be completed by someone else. This way, you will not be tempted to overwork yourself.
  2. Focus on one task at a time. Do not multitask – focus on one task until it is completed. When we switch from one task to another, our brains lose energy and focus, all while increasing stress and perceived incapability.
  3. Set up a morning routine. Try to start your morning the same way each day; your routine might include a short walk, reading a book, or even meditation. By building stress-busting activities into your routine, you can combat anxiety and improve motivation.
  4. Work with a short to-do list. Your list should only have three to five important tasks per day; keeping your list short will give you an extreme feeling of productivity, especially if you accomplish more than your list dictated!
  5. Keep your meetings short. This can help you clear up valuable time for more productive work. Instead of multiple weekly meetings, schedule one meeting per week with the team leader in an advisory capacity; delegate other management tasks to your supervisor. To make the most of your meetings, finish up by creating an action plan for the week.
  6. Work in 90 minutes blocks. Research has shown that the brain is able to focus on a task efficiently for 90 or fewer minutes at a time. It is a good idea to close your email and switch off your phone to avoid distractions during that 90-minute block.
  7. Disconnect as a closing routine. There is no reason for you to be on call 24/7; this will only drain your emotional and mental capacity from your family. Silence your notifications at night; better yet, have a separate device for work that gets turned off entirely.
  8. Enhance your communication skills. Keep your communications with your employees short and to the point, but don’t compromise in personability. Improve your active listening skills and keep your mails on task and on topic.
  9. Automate, delegate, and outsource. Use business applications and automation software to increase efficiency and productivity. For example, you can use CRM software for marketing and chatbots as an interactive tool. Don’t be afraid to outsource tasks for economy and proficiency. Hiring freelancers to create content or a virtual assistant to handle scheduling and other clerical work will lighten your workload and allow you to focus on the tasks that really need your attention.
  10. Take a long trip. There’s a reason that companies offer paid time off and vacation days! Just because you’re the boss, doesn’t mean you don’t need to get away from it all.  A break will sharpen your focus for the more important tasks.


In Summary

For an entrepreneur to build a successful sustainable business it is important to delegate and automate work, including your website upkeep and SEO content generation. At Snellville Websites in Atlanta, we offer automation services for lead generation, website design, and content marketing.  By listening to and attending to your business’s needs through responsive designs and content, you can focus more heavily on the aspects of your business that really matter.

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