Snellville Websites bills monthly or annually for your hosting and maintenance plan. This is a recurring subscription that you set up when your website went live. If, for some reason, your billing information changes or your payment method expires, so will your hosting and maintenance plan. To keep your website online and active, make sure to keep enough funds in the account that you signed up with.

My Website Is Redirecting to Snellville Websites – What Happened?
Your website hosting and maintenance plan has probably lapsed if you are being redirected to the Snellville Websites help center, blog, or resources page. You will either need to re-subscribe to your plan or go through a retrieval process; your situation will depend on how long your plan has been expired.

My Website Hosting Just Lapsed. What Do I Do?
Your hosting and maintenance plan probably lapsed because we could not charge the payment method you had selected when you signed up with us at Snellville Websites. As long as it is within two weeks of lapse, the process for regaining access to your website is fairly simple.

  1. Ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account.
  2. We will attempt to charge you for your recurring subscription once more.

If you believe that this billing account is expired or lacks sufficient funds, resubscribe to the monthly or annual hosting and maintenance plan you need with a different account or newer card. If, for some reason, the charge eventually goes through on the old account, Snellville Websites will refund you the duplicate charge.

What Do I Do if My Hosting Has Lapsed for 2-3 Weeks?
After two weeks, we will no longer attempt to charge you for your previous subscription. If this has happened to your website, simply visit our Hosting and Maintenance page and re-subscribe for the plan you previously had. Your website will be back online in 24-48 hours.

There is no fee to reestablish hosting and maintenance for a website that has been lapsed for less than 30 days.

My Website Has Been Offline for Over 30 Days. How Do I Get it Back?
Your hosting and maintenance plan is either an annual or monthly subscription. If the account goes unpaid for more than 30 days after expiry, it becomes a little more complicated to get your website back online. If your website has expired and you’d like to regain access, follow these steps:

  1. Pay a $75 research and retrieval fee.
  2. Set up and pay for a new recurring hosting and maintenance plan.
  3. Your website will be live and active within 24-48 hours.

Why Is There a $75 Fee to Get My Website Back?

When your hosting lapses, your website’s availability may or may not be affected. In order to keep your website online and active, your website must be paid for and hosted properly. The research and retrieval process can take some time, and Snellville Websites may have to reestablish several services for you. This is why we charge a $75 fee.

How Do I Avoid a Lapse in the Future?
The easiest ways to avoid a hosting and maintenance lapse are to select the annual subscription and keep your billing information up-to-date.

My Website Has Been Offline for 60 Days or More. What Now?
After 60 days, Snellville Websites may not be able to retrieve your website or its data files. You may be able to find previous (older) versions of your website on this page. If you would like to set up your site again, we will probably need to rebuild it from the ground up or do some more extensive searching for your website files.

Recoveries of websites that have been inactive for more than 60 days are subject to higher retrieval fees. Your fee will depend on many factors.

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