Does your Snellville or Atlanta small business have an event coming up that you’d like to post to social media? Before you get too far – STOP. In this post, we’re going to take a look at how to post announcements and get the most from your event announcements. Let’s dig right in.

Where to Post Event Announcements First

When the Snellville Websites team posts announcements for clients in and around the Atlanta area, they always go to the blog reel first.


This creates a landing site for all other announcement locations and provides critical traffic to your website. When you have an update or an event coming up, you want your social media accounts to do as much work as they can for you – this means routing back to your website’s blog. This will also double as a way to gain more customers via word-of-mouth and sharing of social media posts; new clients will discover you through these avenues.

How to Create Event Announcements on Your Blog

You’ll want to start the process just like any other blog post. You can find a detailed guide to creating a blog post on your Snellville website here: Adding New Posts to Your Snellville Or Gwinnett County SBM WordPress Website.

For event posts, it’s best to keep the extraneous text to a minimum – or have it be in the background. What you want to highlight in event announcements are the following:

  • The day and time that the event will take place.
  • The location where the event will take place.
  • A Google Maps link for directions to the event location.
  • Any pertinent ticket purchasing or donation links.
  • A brief summary of the event and who it’s for.

Bonus: If you’d like people on the internet to be able to find your event with a search engine, include some keywords about your event in the first paragraph of your post.

The Popular “Digital Flyer” and Why We Don’t Recommend Them as a Main Event Information Source

Digital graphics are exciting and eye-catching – and they have their place in digital marketing. However, graphics aren’t as easily searchable for those who are looking for your event, product, or service. The text within them is not digitally copy-able, and they cannot be changed quickly and easily with any updates you need to make to your event or announcement.

Furthermore, flyers are not digital marketing tactics, they are printed marketing materials. If you want to use printed flyers to advertise your event throughout Snellville and Atlanta, go for it! However, keep in mind that this digital file won’t be as relevant in the digital, online space – and that’s fine.

How to Post Event Announcements on Social Media

Once you’ve posted your official blog announcement, now it’s time to promote and share it on social media. In your social media post, be vague but exciting. Your social media post should contain an image, but it should also be vague. Rev people up to want to learn more about your event or product, then leave them with a link to your live blog post. Do not put links in your social media post that are already in your blog post. You want to create, not eliminate, reasons for people to follow through to your blog.

What About Event Recaps?

Event recaps are also a great way to help your website and business grow. Keep this in mind in the time leading up to and during your event. Take pictures, have a raffle that will require checking in with the event recap, or take videos that can be posted on your website for others to view. These are all great ways to “recycle” content and bring new viewers to your website.

In Summary: Blog First, Social Media Second

If you are a current client with Snellville Websites and have any questions about how to handle a specific announcement for your business, feel free to check out our help center. If you have an event coming up that you would like us to post for you, please use the following form: Website Update Request.

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