Why We Don’t Recommend Email Attachments

Attachments tend to get ignored for cold emails due to phishing scams. Attachments cannot be safely trusted from unknown senders, regardless of how legitimate the business is. For example, you’ll never see Apple or Google send you attachments. Attachments are used to transfer data between trusted senders

Suggested Strategy:

Using your website as a safe source of information is a better way to tackle this “cold call” strategy. We recommend a well-written email that encourages your cold email recipients to either call you directly or visit your website for more information.

Cold emails are more effective when they are personal and individualized. We don’t recommend sending a stock email to everyone all at once – this means that everyone can see who you sent it to. The emails you’re sending are probably already informative and moderately effective, but you can improve this with a few tweaks.

We also recommend not using your direct, personal email address. If possible, a branded email should be listed in its place for professionalism and positive impact.

Goal: Provide enough information in an email to encourage people to learn more.

Call to Action: Call you directly and/or visit your website.


From the Snellville team,

Happy marketing!

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