The ways in which the Internet can effect positive change is endless. When it comes to fundraising, many nonprofit websites rely heavily on their online donations. While every nonprofit is likely to have a website, most have a bit of room to improve for highlighting their online donations. Below are a few tips for generating more online donations.

Make Sure It Is Clear That You Are A Registered Nonprofit

Whether a website visitor found their way to your website or social media profile while browsing the web, by searching for you by name, or by searching for some nonprofits in your genre, one of their top priorities is verifying whether you are “for profit” or “nonprofit.” This is why nonprofit websites should include their classification at the bottom of their header, and within the text on their primary pages.

Make The Donation Link Easy To Find

A common mistake many nonprofit websites make, is failing to effectively highlight the donation link. While you may not want to seem off-putting, it is essential to clarify that donations can be made online. This can be achieved by creating a donation page, and by adding a donation button to each of your pages—with at least 1 secure payment option. As long as this is done in a tasteful manner, it will feel low-pressure and unobtrusive.

Highlight Your Achievements

Aside from communicating your non-profit’s mission and goals, highlight your achievements. When possible, define your achievements in measurable and relatable terms. For example, how many people does a $1 donation serve, or how many people did you positively impact last month, last quarter, or last year.

Share Stories

Your websites and social media platforms can be used to shared compelling stories from your volunteers, or from the people whose lives you contribute to improving. The act of sharing stories is inspirational and engaging, and customers connect more when they hear what others have to say about you.

Set Goals For Your Fundraising Websites

You are sure to have fundraising goals, and your website and social media profiles are the perfect place to share them. Visual imagery is very impactful, so find a way to show your progress in a way that is impactful yet professional.

Every Dollar Counts

The great thing about online donations is that they can start as low as $1. This allows donors who have little to give, but who want to contribute, a comfortable and low-pressure place to give. Feel free to provide suggested donation amounts, but highlight the lowest dollar amount they can give. Also share other ways to give, such as volunteering time or collection donations of general office supplies or household items.

Add A Monthly Newsletter

All nonprofits websites should email a weekly or monthly newsletter to their subscribers. That way, you can keep in touch, share recent stories, and send friendly reminders for your future donation needs.

Add Fundraising Products

Cash donations are not the only way to generate revenue for your nonprofit, but also by selling fundraising products. Get creative with this, and look for fun products that will sell, but feel free to stick with standards like t-shirts, hats, coffee mugs, and seasonal items.

Marketing Your Fundraising Website

All websites require SEO optimization, social media marketing, and monthly online marketing. As a nonprofit, you may wish to market well beyond your target audience. Even if your nonprofit serves your local community, there may be nationwide or global interest or support. A perfect example of this include the local nonprofits that contribute after natural disasters or tragedy—or nonprofits born out of recent need.

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