While carving a space for yourself online, promoting your business through Facebook is something that you just cannot overlook. Facebook marketing can seem baffling… But it really isn’t! Setting up and using a business Facebook page is as simple as 1-2-3 especially if you are already managing a personal profile!  (Well, that may be an overstatement. But we are close, trust us!).  Let us walk you through the simple steps that’ll get you started.


So, why is having a Facebook page important to my business?

Facebook remains an everyday place for the people both in the US and across the world. With so many active users, your targeted audience is there too!  All you have to do is to reach out and find them!


How to set up a Facebook business page

Setting up a business page on Facebook takes just about 10 minutes. Let’s do it together… step by step

1. Facebook.com/pages/create –  Your starting point.

This is where you start your process.  Go to facebook.com/pages/create.  You will be prompted to choose whether you are creating a business/brand or a community/public figure page.


Creating a business facebook page


Select your page category – E.g.:  Business

2. Add your business’ name which is simply the name you choose for your business.

Now add the category of your business. Start typing the first keyword that comes to your mind –say, school – and the list of related categories will open up for you to choose from.


selecting a business name for your facebook page


Now enter your address and phone number and continue to the next page.

3. Time for images – your profile picture and cover photo

Your profile picture is the first thing that anyone would notice on your page. Keep it simple and clutter free.  It can be your logo or a neat pic of yourself (if it is a personal page).


business facebook page profile picture

The cover photo is one place where you can promote your most important deal or a catchy tag that might connect you with your audience.


business facebook page cover

And hurray! You’re done creating your very own FB page!  Let us personalize it a bit now.

4. Add some basic info to your ‘About’ section

To start with

  • Create a user name – this helps your audience to find and remember your page.
  • Add “About” info – This should be a very brief intro to your page conforming to the word limit of 255 characters.
  • Add to your story – You can be more creative with your story than with the description.  But remember that the first 100 words are the most visible. So, focus on those.


about information for facebook pages


5. Assign roles

Facebook offers five inbuilt roles for pages viz. admin (which is you), moderator, editor, advertiser and analyst. You can assign these to your team or handle them all by yourself.


facebook page roles


The road ahead 

With your Facebook Business page created, it is now time to boost your online visibility

Facebook is a platform where you connect directly with your ‘people’. When you post, remember to be friendly and informal to create that connection.  This is YOUR chance to reach out and craft a relationship with your audience.

Some quick tips for a good post

  • Never overdo – don’t post more than twice or thrice a day
  • Be regular with your posts – this will help you get more organic reach for your page
  • Post what is relevant to your audience – information and links to articles relevant to your industry, new product or service launch, online tools that may be of interest, general advice etc. are good choices for you posts
  • Don’t limit your posts to promotions; your folk expect more than just plain promotional content from you.
  • Your blog articles should be posted on your Facebook page. Not only does this promote user engagement, it also gets you more website traffic.


Going ahead, you may also want to consider

  • Creating a group to go with your page – this will offer your audience a forum for discussion. Do understand that pages need regular monitoring only a few times a day whereas groups are more interaction intensive.
  • Advertising through Facebook ads
  • Connecting your Instagram account to your Facebook page for a synchronized posting
  • Keeping a tab on Facebook statistics through Facebook insights


facebook page insights


Need more hands-on help?  Still in doubt? We are here to guide you. It just takes a ‘Hi’ and we’ll be right there for you. Happy marketing


Your friends at Snellville Websites.

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