We’ve already covered why your Snellville small business needs a website, namely to attract new customers!  Your website can also be helpful in the products and services that you offer – online. A well-developed website will also have a place to post relevant content via a blog reel.  These are all good ways to get online and get found in the Snellville and Gwinnett county areas.

Work Smarter Instead of Harder

However, it’s also critical to have the knowledge to recognize when it’s time for a website redesign.  Here are five of the most obvious signs that you may need a new website:

1 – You Have a High Bounce Rate
First and foremost: what is bounce rate?  Simply put, this is the percentage of visitors to your website that exit without engaging with your content.  You can determine what that engagement should be, but most people in the small business scene consider a bounce to be any view that leaves the website after viewing one page.  For some blogs or businesses who just want to get exposure, high bounce rate can be less concerning; however, if your goal is to sell products or services on your website, a high bounce rate means that viewers aren’t invested in what you have to say.

High bounce rate can be caused by a number of factors, but the most common are poor website design, long server response times, and content that clutters your site or is not valuable to your brand.  It’s best to spring for a new website design; work with a professional website designer who can watch for issues like high bounce rate.

2 – You Aren’t Ranking in Search Engines
If you’ve been keeping an eye on your search rankings and they are plummeting, there’s a good chance your website is to blame – not you.  Sometimes, under-performing websites will get pushed down in the rankings merely because the page load time was too long.  Redesigning your website and selecting a new host provider can help minimize these issues, so pick a host that you trust!

Another critical component to ranking in search engines is the beloved art of search engine optimization (SEO).  If you know anything about SEO, you’re probably getting a headache just reading those three letters on this page.  Don’t sweat it – the team here at Snellville Websites will help you with every aspect of your small business website: from concept design to SEO content.

3 – Your Snellville Area Website Isn’t Responsive
Since 2017, the majority of internet traffic has been on mobile devices.  Bearing this in mind, it’s clearly a critical consideration to make your website mobile-friendly!  If your website is outdated and not user-friendly on smaller screens, you will be alienating more than 50% of the traffic that could potentially find your site.  That’s no small figure.  When we create your new website here at Snellville Websites, we select mobile-responsive themes and components that will be visible and functional to your mobile audiences.

4 – Your Business and Website Don’t Match
Your small business works hard each and every day to create a uniform persona that can be uniquely identified as “your brand.”  If your storefront and your website don’t match, it’s difficult to tell which source should be trusted to represent your company.  Additionally, the content on your website needs to match the “voice” that your brand portrays: are you loose with the millennial jargon or do you prefer a more formal type of speech?

5 – Your Website’s CTAs Aren’t Working
If there’s one purpose that your website shouldn’t struggle with it’s converting sales.  First of all, you should make sure that you know what you want your website to do.  Many businesses build a storefront that looks great; however it fails at the one thing it needs to do: sell.  Your call-to-actions (CTAs) should be obvious, large, and in charge.  There’s no shame in highlighting your ability to sell – that’s why people are at your website in the first place.

Do any of these sound familiar?

Get Your Small Business Website Redesigned With Us

When we build a website, we take all five of these things into consideration – and more.  Each website goes online with careful consideration to your brand’s goals, vision, and mision.  Additionally, we work with the best hosting platforms in the nation.  A Snellville Website is a website that will help you build your online presence; not only in Snellville, but also the whole Gwinnett county area.  Schedule a free consultation with us today!

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